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     TAHOE WORKZ Inc. providing professional snow blowing & painting service in Incline Village & Crystal Bay. We are located on the North shore of Lake Tahoe- the crowning jewel of the High Sierras. Lake Tahoe has always been a destination resort for skiers and snow boarders alike and where there is epic winter play, there's snow- deep Sierra snow...

     Don't waste your time shoveling snow during powder days. We specialize in residential & commercial snow removal services. Our light weight, low impact, state-of-the-art snow blowing equipment has revolutionized the snow removal industry.


     Why spend your sunny days painting? When the snow stops flying, we're ready to help you maintain your property's exterior & interior paint, restore your ice & sun damaged decking & railings, and keep your property better protected against future damaging UV deterioration. Contact us for a free site evaluation. We've been serving the Incline VIllage area since 1994. (More Info)

    Yes- we are locals too! Please feel free to send Tahoe Workz an eMail, fill out our free online contract request form for SNOW REMOVAL or PAINTING, or give us a call at 775-830-2202 for your snow removal or painting quote today. Again, our quote is free so there's nothing to lose!

Biggest 'Little' Fleet in Incline
Contract Options
Free Snow Staking
Low Impact Equipment
Licensed & Insured

Biggest "Little" Fleet in Incline

Low Impact Equipment

Tahoe Workz specializes in driveway clearing but we can also help you with walkways, stairs, decks, ice dams, & rooftops.

Light weight snow blowers are more gentle on your landscape and driveway surface. They burn less fuel and thus produce less pollution.

Tahoe Workz has the largest fleet of low-impact snow blowing equipment in Incline Village with seven Trackless tractors deployed during storms.

Contract Options

Choose from a full season, per-time, or will-call service. Plus, our full season contracts are not limited like our competition. Quotes are FREE!

Free Snow Staking

Protect your property by selecting a snow removal service that is properly licensed and insured.

Licensed & Insured

We will mark your driveway for free with our reflective fiberglass snow poles which are much safer than rebar & PVC.

Driveways & So Much More


     We are the original Incline Village Storm Troopers - Tahoe Workz Snow Removal & Painting Service. Loaders? No way! Only light weight snow blowing equipment similar to the size & weight of a full size pickup truck means less wear and tear to your property. New equipment that is well maintained to run as clean as possible for our environment. Our snow blowers consume a fraction of the fuel that larger, heavier, and slower front-end loaders burn reducing the amount of emissions released to the air.

Tahoe Workz Inc. -  Snow Removal & Painting Service Provider for Incline Village & Crystal Bay.    Call 775-830-2202.

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