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     Not all snow removal companies are created the same! Making your decision on a snow removal service based on price alone can be a huge mistake. Here at TAHOE WORKZ, we are happy to offer you many quality options.

Unlimited Full Season Contracts

Monthly Pay Per-Time option available

or Will-Call service (you call, we clear)

      We are a local business able to personalize your winter experience. Our intensive services operate 24 hours a day working in the worst weather conditions imaginable to try and provide our customers with the best possible results. No, we don’t take weekends or holidays off!  We work with the weather not the calendar or the clock. We are licensed and insured and we use environmentally friendly, low impact snow blowing equipment only.

Free online snow removal quotes

  Free fiberglass snow staking provided

No job too large or too small for Tahoe Workz

      The Tahoe Workz Snow Removal Season covers November 15th - April 1st. But we have been known to stretch outside those dates again working with the weather conditions. We cover the greater Incline Village & Crystal Bay area.

Biggest "Little" Fleet in Incline

Low Impact Equipment

Tahoe Workz specializes in driveway clearing but we can also help you with walkways, stairs, decks, ice dams, & rooftops.

Light weight snow blowers are more gentle on your landscape and driveway surface. They burn less fuel and thus produce less pollution.

Tahoe Workz has the largest fleet of low-impact snow blowing equipment in Incline Village with five Trackless tractors deployed during storms.

Contract Options

Choose from a full season, per-time, or will-call service. Plus, our full season contracts are not limited like our competition. Quotes are FREE!

Free Snow Staking

Protect your property by selecting a snow removal service that is properly licensed and insured.

Licensed & Insured

We will mark your driveway for free with our reflective fiberglass snow poles which are much safer than rebar & PVC.

Driveways & So Much More

      Assuming you have a vehicle with proper clearance, you may also feel free to drive over your uncleared driveway since our equipment will be able to scrape up the compacted snow.  Our snow blowers will eat through the toughest County road berms and “Sierra Cement” conditions with ease.

      Our biggest asset is you, our satisfied customer. We strive to make all our clients happy in this very challenging industry. We’ve been blessed over the years with some very kind and appreciative clients. It’s tough battling Mother Nature and we won’t always win but we will always be there giving you our 110% each and every time. Thank you very much for your business and if you are unhappy with anything along the way please let us know immediately so we can make improvements.

      Remember, anyone can grab a shovel or cheap snow blower and write up a snow removal bid. Many of these people will bid on properties they really can’t keep up with considering a typical Tahoe winter storm. Their price may be cheaper since their overhead is much less (they may even live over the hill paying a lower cost of living) but you will not be able to compare their service to ours. From response time to equipment in the field to environmental impact, TAHOE WORKZ is the right choice.

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Tahoe Workz Inc. -  Snow Removal & Painting Service Provider for Incline Village & Crystal Bay.    Call 775-830-2202.

Tahoe Works Snow Removal
Tahoe Works Snow Removal

Fiore Properties/Incline Village, NV


"We have used Tahoe Workz Snow Removal service on our commercial property for many years now and are very pleased with the service, fast response time, and their professional attitude. We never have to be concerned if they will 'show up.' They are always there when needed. Their pricing is very fair and we plan on utilizing their snow removal services in the future. It is great to know that our snow removal needs are always met. Thank you, Tahoe Workz!"